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Ο Gerald Cheshire σπούδασε ανθρώπινη εξέλιξη στο University College του Λονδίνου και υπήρξε επιτυχημένος επιστημονικός συγγραφέας για πάνω από μια δεκαετία. Ζει στο Μπαθ της Αγγλίας. Έργα του είναι: Nature Unfolds the Tropical Rainforest (2001), Mountains and Deserts (2002), The Middle East (2002), Sound and Vibrations (2006), Energy and Matter (2006), Electricity and Magnetism (2006), Forces and Motion (2006), Light and Colors (2006), The Solar System and Beyond (2006), Best of Times, Worst of Times. 365 Great Stories from Modern History for Every Day of the Year (μαζί με τον John Farndon, 2006), Peruvian Wildlife. A Visitor’s Guide to the Central Andes (μαζί με τους Huw Lloyd και Barry Walker, 2007), How Machines Work. A Pop-up Book with Gears, Pulleys and More (2007), Scary Creatures: Lizards (2008), Scary Creatures: Jellyfish (2008), Evolution. A Little History of a Great Idea (2008), Living World (2008), People and Places (2008), Scary Creatures of the River (2009), Scary Creatures of the Soil (2009), Day and Night in the Swamp (2009), Garden Wildlife Manual. The Complete Guide to Attracting Wildlife into Your Garden (2015).

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